WOBT is a non-profit organization that supports the scaling of women enterprises through linkages with corporate and government supply chains. It works with corporates that are committed to promoting social and economic equity by providing equal access to procurement opportunities (linking women owned enterprises to the procurement divisions of partner organizations)

This is a business that is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women. 

These are large corporates that are committed to providing women with equal access to procurement opportunities. They support a gender inclusive sourcing effort.

A fully registered company acquires and submits a filled in WOBT registration form attaching the requisite documents, for verifications and assessments

The company should be at least 51% women owned, satisfy the regulatory requirements of both the country and relevant industry, been operational for at least 1 year and owned by a Zimbabwean citizen or legal resident.

  • Opportunity to access the supply chains of corporate organizations that are committed to procuring goods from WOBT registered women business owners.
  • Networking opportunities with other women business owners
  • Access to capacity building training programmes
  • A valuable status which meets the needs of corporations that seek to increase their supplier diversity.

Yes, however the woman should have majority ownership, management and control of the company, which should be at least 51%

Membership is valid for a year after which it should be renewed, and payment of subscription fees should be done annually.

Ordinary subscription enables a paid member to attend some of the WOBT events and trainings at a subsidized fee whilst certification gives access to the corporate supply chains in addition to the events and trainings.