Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Partners


WOBT works with Supplier Diversity and Inclusion (SDI) partners to achieve its goal of linking women owned businesses to corporate supply chains. The SDIs seek to promote social and economic equity by providing equal access to procurement opportunities and grow women owned businesses together with WOBT

Current Members

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Partners: Schweppes, Econet Wireless, Nestle, Cresta Hotels, Total Energies, SECURICO Security Services, ZB Financial Holdings & Profeeds.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Partners:

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program

  • WOBT helps the corporate members to set the Woman Owned Business agenda for providing women with equal access to procurement opportunities.
  • Assistance with the development or expansion of the corporate Supplier Diversity program to achieve the corporate’s sustainability targets.

WOBT offers Corporate Members a variety of services and programs including, but not limited to our database of certified Women Owned Businesses

The SDI Partners are committed to:

  • Sending Request for Proposals (RFPs) to WOBT on opportunities for WOBT Members to supply goods and services.
  • Working with WOBT Members to facilitate contracting relationships by explaining procurement practices and procedures.
  • Actively supporting the efforts of WOBT to empower women entrepreneurs through the inclusion of WOBT Suppliers based on their capabilities.
  • Maximizing the retention of WOBT Suppliers so that their procurement planning and supply chain management shares the goal of building sustainable and reliable service delivery by the Supplier


Sponsorship Opportunities:

WE are open to partnerships with corporate and other organizations to design and implement capacity building, research and recognition programmes for women economic empowerment.

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SDI Partner Agreement